Board of Directors

Matt Mueller, President and General Manager
Jim Astin
Dennis Braden
Roger Clark
Fareed Hassen
Kevin McCright
Gary W. Mathis
Dustin Mathis
Don Welch

Honorary Directors

Ray Kinney
J.H. West


Audra Arendall, Publicity
Jim Astin, Dance
Cheyenne Bereuter, Parade
Roger Clark, Tickets and Accounting
Casey Cooper-Woodard, Bar-B-Que Cookoff
Linda Dalliston, Cowboy Poetry
James Decker, Chuckwagon Cookoff & Matched Horse Races
Jessica Decker, Marketing
Wallace Emerson, Promotions and Sponsorships
Carl & Bridget Griggs, Stalls and Campers
Todd Harris, Arena
Raymond Hollabaugh, Legal
Dr. Doug Kruckner, First Aid
Lisa McKeever, Trade Show
Kevin McCright, Rodeo Events
Pat Pierce, Lighting
Caitlin Richards, Hospitality
Matt Sanders, Parking, Gates and Guards
Michael Sanders, Maintenance
Lisa Terrell, Souvenir Program
Rochie & Chico Underwood, Guest Cabin
Gus West, Dance